The management of Starkot Corp. believes that pillows with national Indian embroidery are on the top of the souvenir list from India. Kutch embroidered cushions can be placed everywhere in the house and apartment and always remind about the country of origin. We are planning to produce different designs of the pillows, from tiny to small and large, from sleeping to traveling pillows. All of them will contain the special embroidery and make them special.

​​ Our pillows will be stuffed primarily with synthetic materials. There can be several kinds of this material describes as following:

This is the most popular and most budget-friendly material. It is non-allergenic. Easy in washing and it is easy to find.

Polyester Pellets
These look like little droplets of plastic and are often used by crafters to fill stuffed animals. But it can be used in little neck pillows all the way up to big floor pillows.

Think of them as extra small pellets. Manufactured to be almost perfectly uniform, these little beads slide easily against each other. Because they can be shaped and give support, they are often used to make therapy pillows.

Beanbag Filler
These are tiny polystyrene (that stuff they make cheap ice chests out of) beads. They are light and fluffy, and can be easily reshaped. They are designed for big beanbag chairs, but you can use them in other pillows as well.

There are a lot of different kinds of foam, from the classic stuff they make chair pads out of to high tech Memory Foam. If someone likes the solid feel of foam but does not want artificial, it can be gotten from natural latex rubber. It does a nice job of conforming and supporting the body. At the begging if the Company’s operations we are planning to use in our production process polyester and beanbag filler materials. We believe that the pillows made from this material will be more convenient and have more advantages among other materials. We will use polyester for couch pillows and decoration pillows and beanbag filler material for traveling pillows, which we are also going to produce.

​ We believe that our pillows can be extensively used in decoration industry, such as bright accent on your sofa or decoration of the chilling area in the apartment. We find our pillows very useful in this area.